New Jersey Raw Food Co-Ops

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Raw Food Co-Ops in New Jersey

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NJ – New Jersey Raw Food Co-Ops

The following is a list of raw food co-ops that I've found through online research and fellow raw feeders. I have not vetted these co-ops for quality, service, fees, or policy. I do not know the people who manage these co-ops. If you have questions, please direct them to the co-op of your choice. The only co-op I have experience with is Wazzuor, which serves parts of Washington and Oregon.

What is a Raw Dog Food Co-Op?

A raw food co-op is an organization that facilitates bulk purchases of raw pet food for local raw feeders. Over the years, I've noticed that many raw food co-ops have the following characteristics:

  • A couple of people who manage the business.
  • An annual membership fee that can range from $40 up to $300.
  • An ordering calendar; a co-op doesn't often allow you to place on-demand orders, instead, you have to wait for an “order” to open when you need food or product.
  • Designated pick up areas; many co-ops aren't brick and mortar stores. Instead, a delivery driver will drop off orders in areas on specific dates at specific times.
  • A website and/or Facebook page to share details of the co-op, orders, and communicate with fellow members.

Learn more by reading my blog post: How to Start a Raw Food Co-Op (I Think)

Benefits of a Raw Food Co-Op

Before joining my local raw food co-op, I was about to return to feeding kibble because my dogs didn't do well on chicken and sourcing meat at the grocery store was expensive. By shopping through the co-op, I was able to cut my budget by 50% right away. Over the times, as I transitioned to DIY raw feeding, my budget dropped by a total of 75%.

Why I Recommend Raw Food Co-Ops

  • I save money by ordering in bulk.
  • If I don't need a bulk order, I can partner with another raw feeder.
  • I'm automatically connected to a community of local raw feeders.
  • The people who manage our co-op is always looking for the best deals and new products to offer.
  • We are able to get the best quality meat from confirmed humane/organic farms.
  • My pick up location is 5 minutes from my house.
  • I'm able to buy nearly everything I need for my dogs and cat through our local co-op.

Do You Manage a Raw Food Co-Op?

If you manage a raw food co-op (not a pet store or raw food brand) and would like to be added to the list, please email the following to me to

  • Name of co-op
  • URL of co-op
  • Cities/areas your co-op serves

Need Help with Recipes?

I do DIY raw feeding, which is easier and less expensive than commercial raw. I'm raising five dogs on a raw food diet and find that ordering in bulk and bulk meal prep is best for me and I share my raw dog food recipes on my blog. I also maintain a nutrient spreadsheet that helps me better understand what my dogs need in their diet. This spreadsheet is free to Keep the Tail Wagging subscribers.

If you are interested in having someone create a meal for you, that is an option. I recommend the following professionals: