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A growing, comprehensive directory to help raw feeders feed their pets a healthier diet.

Raw Food Co-Ops

A community of raw feeders who place bulk orders for ingredients and other pet supplies.

Pro-Raw Veterinarians

Veterinarians who support raw can help guide pet parents on their raw journey.

Independent Pet Stores

Many local, independent pet stores are knowledgeable about fresh food for pets.

"When I first began feeding raw, I quickly became overwhelmed by the amount of contradictory information on the Internet. Having one place shares reputable resources is a great start."
Kimberly Gauthier
Dog Mom / Blogger / Author
“When I learned that there were raw food co-ops, it was a game changer. I went from nearly giving up on raw to diving deep into DIY raw feeding. Our local co-op saved me time and lots of money."
Kimberly Gauthier
Dog Mom / Blogger / Author

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